• A-View-From-Vidigal

    Qualities of Urban Informality

    By 2050, around one third of the world’s population is expected to be living in informal settlements.  The processes of informal production have an essential role in growing cities around the world, as rural to urban migration continues at a [...]
  • water pipes

    CatComm Co-Organizer of Debate on Water

    On Tuesday, April 15, a forum focused on water and sanitation was hosted in Morro da Providência with six panelists consisting of community members, technical experts, and NGO representatives discussing the challenges of improving water access and [...]
  • Call them Favelas - Asa Branca

    Why We Should Call them Favelas

    Rio’s favelas are some of the most written about, scrutinized, and studied low-income communities in the world. Yet in this constant, often well-meaning spotlight, favela communities are consistently misrepresented by lazy choices in the language [...]