Our Programs

We’ve been active in Rio’s favelas since 2000. Learn about our work over the years…


Community Solutions Database (2001-2008)

Casa Community Technology Hub (2003-2008)

Social Media Trainings (2010)

Journalism Trainings (2011)

Global Favela Perceptions Survey (2011-2013)

Favela as a Sustainable Model (2012)

RioONWire (2015 through 2016)

Gentrification Workshop & Debate Series (2013-2014)

Favelas in the Media Analysis (2014), Report (2016) and Breakdown by Outlet (2017)


Educational Community Visits (2004-ongoing)

RioOnWatch (2010-ongoing)

Journalist Support (2011-ongoing)

University Tour (2012-ongoing)

Sustainable Favela Network (2017-ongoing)

Favela Community Land Trusts (2018-ongoing)