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Media Mentions 2017

  1. The Guardian – February 10, 2017 Rio Olympic venues already falling into a state of disrepair [UK-EN]
  2. SBS / AAP – February 10, 2017 Olympics leaves Rio suffering [Australia-EN]
  3. Vice Sports – January 24, 2017 The Rio Olympics’ Unintended Legacy: Citizen Journalism by Aaron Gordon [USA-EN]
  4. New Internationalist – January 19, 2017 Both hands on the spotlight for Rio’s favelas Ann Deslandes [UK-EN]
  5. Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas – January 11, 2017 Relato sobre favelas do Rio na mídia internacional aumentou em qualidade e volume nos anos pré-Olímpicos, diz pesquisa [English / Spanish] by Alessandra Monnerat [USA-PT]
  6. Shareable – January 10, 2017 Solidarity Economy Part I: Cooperative Development in Rio and Beyond [USA-EN]

Media Mentions 2016

  1. Rede TVT – December 16, 2016 Levantamento mostra que falta aprofundamento da mídia sobre favelas [TV] [Brazil-PT]
  2. Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas – December 14, 2016 Journalists in Rio de Janeiro show how to break banalization of urban violence in news coverage [Portuguese / Spanish] by Alessandra Monnerat [USA-EN]
  3. The Guardian – December 5, 2016 No more ‘rat kids’: Fighting the way we think about the residents of Rio’s favelas by Katia Savchuk [UK-EN]
  4. Casa Fluminense – November 18, 2016 Vozes da Campanha #Rio2017: Theresa Williamson [VIDEO] [Brasil-PT]
  5. ArchDaily Brasil – November 10, 2016 A importância e os desafios de colocar as favelas no mapa by Natalie Southwick
  6. The Huffington Post – October 6, 2016 Nobody Asked Rio’s Poor About The Olympics. So They Yelled Louder. by Travis Waldron [USA-EN]
  7. The Umbrella – October 2016 Rio as a “singular city”–an Olympic legacy? pp.18-19 by Theresa Williamson [Brazil-EN]
  8. Rádio CBN – September 1, 2016 Rio impõe ao próximo prefeito o desafio de lidar com a questão habitacional (Radio) by Lucas Soares [Brazil-PT]
  9. Chupadados – August 2016 Saí para caçar equipamentos de vigilância no Rio Olímpico by Dia Kayyali [BRAZIL-PT]
  10. The Development Set – August 24, 2016 The Tiny NGO That Changed Reporting on Rio’s Favelas During the Olympics by Katia Savchuk [USA-EN]
  11. FirstPost – August 24, 2016 Olympics 2016 came at a high price for Rio de Janeiro, an enchanting city of jarring inequality by Samindra Kunti [India-EN]
  12. Fast CoDesign – August 23, 2016 Photographing A Different Side Of The Olympics: The People They Evicted by Meg Miller [USA-EN]
  13. BBC World Service World Have Your Say – August 22, 2016 Rio’s Olympic Legacy [RADIO] by Orla Barry
  14. TRT World The Newsmakers – August 22, 2016 Rio 2016’s Legacy [TV] [Turkey-EN]
  15. WORT Radio – August 22, 2016 Olympiad Impact: What’s Next for Rio and Its Favelas? [RADIO] by Brian Standing [USA-EN]
  16. The New York Times – August 22, 2016: After Olympics, Rio Is Altered if Not Reborn by Andrew Jacobs [USA-EN]
  17. BBC World Service – August 21, 2016: Live from Rio, Olympics Closing Day [UK-EN]
  18. Real Rio – August 21, 2016: Displaced [VIDEO] by Arman Kazemi [Canada-EN]
  19. Paralelo Media – August 21, 2016 Relatos Selvajes, De Sudor Y Escombros by Marcelo Ayala [Ecuador-SP]
  20. Democracy Now! – August 19, 2016 Dave Zirin: Brazilians are Fed Up with U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte and Privileged First-World Tourists by Amy Goodman [USA-EN]
  21. Edge of Sports – August 19, 2016 The Other Olympic Rio with Favela Activist Theresa Williamson by Dave Zirin [USA-EN]
  22. Fox News Latino – August 19, 2016 Residents of forested Horto Favela in Rio given 90 days to leave [USA-EN]
  23. Columbia Journalism Review – August 18, 2016 Has Olympics coverage shortchanged Brazil by Sarah E. T. Robbins [USA-EN]
  24. TheSportsCampus – August 18, 2016 Rio Olympics doing nothing for city’s favelas [India-EN]
  25. Fox News Latino – August 18, 2016 Torrents of cash for the Rio Olympics, torrents of sewage for Rocinha Favela [USA-EN]
  26. Ball State at the Games – August 18, 2016 What is a favela? by Kara Berg [USA-EN]
  27. The Establishment – August 17, 2016 Sanctioned Lies About Rio Safety Put Residents At Risk by Ann Deslandes [Australia-EN]
  28. The Nation – August 17, 2016 One Community’s Resistance Will Be the Rio Olympics’ Longest-Lasting Legacy by Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff [USA-EN]
  29. Content House Kenya – August 13, 2016 Afro-Brazilian Religion by Roy Gachuhi [Kenya-EN]
  30. The TODAY Show on NBC – August 12, 2016 Santa Marta: Matt Lauer tours one of Rio de Janeiro’s oldest favelas by Matt Lauer [USA-EN]
  31. Content House Kenya – August 12, 2016 A Religiously Committed Environmental Warrior by Roy Gachuhi [Kenya-EN]
  32. Metropolis – August 10, 2016 Will the Olympics’ Failures Spark A New Urban Paradigm for Rio? by Theresa Williamson [USA-EN]
  33. RFI – August 10, 2016 Brazil’s favelas pay price of hosting Olympics by Christina Okello [USA-EN]
  34. Vice Sports – August 10, 2016 Rio’s Olympic Legacy Bus System is Leaving Poor and Working Class Residents Behind by Aaron Gordon [USA-EN]
  35. Paralelo Media – August 10, 2016 Fuego Olímpico: La Policía Carioca Como Agente Del Terror by Marcelo Ayala [Ecuador-SP]
  36. BBC Sport – August 9, 2016 Rio 2016: Brazil’s first gold from the City of God favela [UK-EN]
  37. CBC News – August 7, 2016 ‘Benefits? What benefits?’: Residents of Rio’s favelas decry exclusion from Olympics by Susan Orniston [Canada-EN]
  38. Real Rio – August 7, 2016 Opening Ceremonies… Don’t Shoot! by Arman Kazemi [Canada-EN]
  39. openDemocracy – August 5, 2016 Rio’s real vs. unmet Olympic legacies: what they tell us about the future of cities? by Theresa Williamson [UK-EN]
  40. Global News August 5, 2016 Rio 2016: Residents protest high cost of Olympic Games and Lack of Promised Infrastructure [TV] by Jeff Semple [Canada-EN]
  41. CW6  August 5, 2016 Shows A Different Side of Olympics in Rio [TV] by Neda Iranpour [USA-EN]
  42. New Republic – August 4, 2016 Brazil’s Long History of Faking Progress by Steven Cohen [USA-EN]
  43. The Intercept  August 4, 2016 Mais Uma Praga Ataca o Rio: A Mídia Internacional ‘Paraquedista,’ by Andrew Fishman and Juliana Gonçalves [Brazil-PT]
  44. WHYY NPR – August 4, 2016 Rio Olympic Games Preview [RADIO] [USA-EN]
  45. – August 4, 2016 As Olympic Games Open, Community Mourns Demolished Neighborhood [TV] by Emmanuelle Saliba and Jim Seida [USA-EN]
  46. NBC News – August 4, 2016 What is a Favela? Five Things to Know About Rio’s So-Called Shantytowns by Erik Ortiz [USA-EN]
  47. Al Arabiya English  August 4, 2016 Victory for Olympic displaced despite Rio’s ‘biggest eviction cycle’ by Chris Arsenault [Saudi Arabia-EN]
  48. BNR – August 4, 2016 Rio Favela Residents Have to Tackle Profit First by Katy Sherriff [The Netherlands-Dutch]
  49. International Journalists’ Network (IJNET) – August 3, 2016 What journalists should know before covering the Rio de Janeiro Olympics by Sam Berkhead [USA-EN]
  50. POLITICO – August 3, 2016 How not to write about Rio by Cerianne Robertson [USA-EN]
  51. The National – August 3, 2016 No Olympic buzz in Rio’s favelas by Susan Orniston [Canada-EN]
  52. Fox News Latino  August 3, 2016 Olympic athletes might win, but favela dwellers in Rio have already lost [USA-EN]
  53. Vox August 1, 2016 Inside Rio’s favelas, the city’s impoverished, neglected neighborhoods [VIDEO] by Johnny Harris [USA-EN]
  54. Not Another Sports Show July 30, 2016 Theresa Williamson on Rio 2016 [RADIO] by Neil Parthun [USA-EN]
  55. Bloomberg – July 29, 2016 Google Wants to Invite You on a Walking Tour of Rio’s Slums by David Biller [USA-EN]
  56. Mongabay July 29, 2016 Deficient waters systems, poor sanitation driving Zika in Brazil by Zoe Sullivan [USA-EN]
  57. New Matilda  July 27, 2016 Australia Packs Its Prejudice and Heads to Rio by Ann Deslandes [Australia-EN]
  58. HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel – July 26, 2016: The Lords of the Rings [TV] [FULL EPISODE] by Jon Frankel [USA-EN]
  59. Vita International July 26, 2016 The Favelados of Rio: What the Olympics Tell Us by Janaina Cesar [Italy-IT]
  60. El Diario – July 24, 2016: Así sufre Río de Janeiro la represión policial previa a los Juegos Olímpicos by Patricia Martínez Sastre [Spain-ES]
  61. Buzzfeed – July 22, 2016: Busting 8 Myths About Rio’s Favelas by David Robertson [USA-EN]
  62. Buzzfeed – July 20, 2016: 18 Must-Have Moments In Rio During The Olympics by David Robertson [USA-EN]
  63. WBEZ Worldview / NPR – July 19, 2016: The Olympic Bidding Process: Is It Worth It? by Jerome McDonnell [USA-EN]
  64. Le Monde – July 19, 2016: Au Brésil, des cités ghettos pour remplacer les favelas [France-FR]
  65. Buzzing Cities – July 19, 2016: Favela Basics: What is a Favela? [Germany-DE]
  66. Guernica – July 18, 2016: Oportunidade para o Desconhecido: Ann Deslandes entrevista Theresa Williamson by Ann Deslandes [USA-PT]
  67. WDIV-TV NBC Detroit – July 18, 2016: 2016 Olympics preview: Rio’s 5 Ring Circus [TV] by Devin Scillian [USA-EN]
  68. WNYC On the Media / NPR – July 15, 2016: The Favela Angle [RADIO] by Bob Garfield [USA-EN]
  69. Time – July 13, 2016: The Summer Olympics Should Always Be in Los Angeles. Forever. by Andrew Zimbalist [USA-EN]
  70. Al Jazeera The Stream – July 11, 2016: #OlimpiadasPraQuem: Olympics for who? [TV] [USA-EN]
  71. USA Today  June 29, 2016: Residents lose homes to make way for Rio Olympics [Facebook version] [VIDEO] by Martin Rogers [USA-EN]
  72. Vox  June 27, 2016: 2016 Olympics: what Rio doesn’t want the world to see [FacebookYouTube, Portuguese versions] [VIDEO] by Johnny Harris [USA-EN]
  73. Positive News  June 23, 2016: Keeping pace: the Rio residents fighting to keep their communities by Ben Whitford [UK-EN]
  74. Le Monde – June 20, 2016: L’Etat de Rio au bord de la faillite avant le JO [France-FR]
  75. Guernica – June 15, 2016: Opportunity for the Unknown: Ann Deslandes interviews Theresa Williamson by Ann Deslandes [USA-EN]
  76. The Washington Post – June 9, 2016: Facing crime wave, Brazil to deploy 85,000 soldiers and police to guard Olympics by Dom Phillips [USA-EN]
  77. Americas Quarterly – June 3, 2016: Inside Rio’s Favelas: The Fallout from an Alleged Gang Rape: Interview with Theresa Williamson [PODCAST] by Stephen Kurczy [USA-EN]
  78. Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting – June 3, 2016: Jules Boykoff on Rio Games by Counterspin [USA-EN]
  79. Community Digital News – June 1, 2016: Interview with Theresa Williamson, Brazilian Activist by Michael Volpe [USA-EN]
  80. Council on Hemispheric Affairs – May 27, 2016: Rio de Janeiro’s Bitter 2016 Olympic Evictions by Rachael Hilderbrand and Jonas Schlotterbeck [USA-EN]
  81. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre – May 25, 2016: Global Report on Internal Displacement and landing page [Switzerland-EN]
  82. Edge of Sports – May 20, 2016: The Olympics and the Battle for Rio’s Future (Radio) by Dave Zirin [USA-EN]
  83. International Journalists’ Network (IJNET) – May 18, 2016: RioOnWatch launches guide to encourage nuanced news coverage of Rio de Janeiro Olympics [Portuguese version here] by Sheila Taylor [USA-EN]
  84. The New York Times ‘Room for Debate’ – May 16, 2016: Holding the Olympics in Rio Was Always a Bad Idea by Theresa Williamson [USA-EN] [Click here for Portuguese translation]
  85. International Business Times – May 13, 2016 Rio Olympics Crime Risk: ‘If You’re a White, Wealthy Foreigner, You’re Safe’ Despite Brazil’s Murderous Reputation by Angelo Young [USA-EN]
  86. Broadly – May 10, 2016 Rio Is Preparing for the Olympics with Forced Evictions and Rivers of Sewage by Mich Cardin [USA-EN]
  87. PRI Radio The World – May 9, 2016 Countdown to Rio: Residents are worried the city is unprepared for the Olympics [RADIO] by Will Carless (CatComm at 3:25) [USA-EN]
  88. BBC Radio 4 – April 26, 2016 100 Days to Go: Olympics and Vila Autódromo [RADIO] by Paul Moss (31:58-40:55) [UK-EN]
  89. The Guardian – April 26, 2016 Change beckons for Vila Autódromo, the favela that got in the Rio Olympics’ Way by Jo Griffin [UK-EN]
  90. RTE – April 25, 2016 100 days from the Rio Olympics: a tale of two cities [Ireland-EN]
  91. The Root – April 18, 2016 How Rio’s Olympics Destroyed a Favela, but Not the Spirit of a Candomblé Priestess by Kiratiana Freelon [USA-EN]
  92. Citiscope – April 8, 2016 Addressing the informal city in the new urban agenda by Greg Scruggs [USA-EN]
  93. The Atlantic – March 31, 2016 What Happens When There’s Sewage in the Water? by Olga Khazan [USA-EN] [Click here for Portuguese translation]
  94. HOOKED UP – March 23, 2016 Do you really know Rio? [VIDEO] by Kylie Flavell [Australia-EN]
  95. The Nation – March 21, 2016 How the Rio Olympics Could Cement a Brazilian Coup by Dave Zirin [USA-EN]
  96. The Guardian – March 9, 2016 Brazil: home of favela resident fighting eviction over Olympics razed by Jonathan Watts [UK-EN]
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  100. SBS / AAP – February 25, 2016 Olympic fight with favela at flashpoint [Australia-EN]
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  110. Global Post – January 2, 2016: Rio’s approach to invading and policing favelas holds some lessons for the world by Will Carless [USA-EN]

Media Mentions 2015

  1. TIME – December 27, 2015: Meet the Impoverished Brazil Residents Who Won’t Move for the Olympics by Sean Gregory [USA-EN]
  2. Yahoo! – December 23, 2015: Rio’s Poorest in Olympic Battles by Steve Larkin [Australia-EN]
  3. Australian Associated Press – December 23, 2015: Rio’s Poorest in Olympic Battles by Steve Larkin [Australia-EN]
  4. Vice – December 13, 2015: The Rio Olympics is Being Used as an ‘Excuse’ to Evict Poor People from Valuable Land by James Armour Young [USA-EN]
  5. The Guardian – October 28, 2015: Brazil officials evict families from homes ahead of 2016 Olympic Games by Bruce Douglas [UK-EN]
  6. The International Business Times – October 28, 2015: Rio Olympics 2016: Local Brazil Governments ‘Resettling’ Thousands of Families Before Games Begin by Michelle Mark [USA-EN]
  7. Global Post – October 27, 2015: #BlackLivesMatter has gone global. And Brazil needs it — badly by Will Carless [USA-EN]
  8. Favela247 – October 26, 2015: Remoções Relâmpago Assolam a Vila Autódromo by Cerianne Robertson and Clare Huggins [Brazil-PT]
  9. Favela247 – September 21, 2015: Mãe de Santo da Vila Autódromo Relata os Horrores da Remoção by Heloisa Helena Costa Berto [Brazil-PT]
  10. CityLab – September 9, 2015: Rio’s Olympic Inequality Problem, In Pictures by Matthew Niederhauser [USA-EN]
  11. Multiplicity: The Right to the City (Pratt Institute) – Fall/Winter 2015: Rio de Janeiro: Grassroots Organizing and Participatory Planning (p. 43) by Royce Gene [USA-EN]
  12. The New York Times – August 20, 2015: Trump Hotel Goes Up in Rio, but His Views Barely Raise Eyebrows in Brazil by Simon Romero [USA-EN]
  13. The Guardian – August 19, 2015: Rio’s Olympic Village: a green housing dream, but a gentrification nightmare [VIDEO] by Ana Athayde [UK-EN]
  14. Favela247 – July 17, 2015: Aos 81, Dona Dalva Resiste na Vila Autódromo by Brooke Parkin [Brazil-PT]
  15. BBC World Service – August 5, 2015: Live from Rio, One Year to the Games [UK-EN]
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  30. Conference on World Affairs – April 8, 2015: NGOs: High Risk, High Reward [USA-EN]
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  33. Conference on World Affairs – April 7, 2015: Lessons on Unsustainable Cities [USA-EN]
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  39. Witness– January 9, 2015: Documenting Rio’s Resistance: Interview with ‘State of Exception’ Director Jason O’Hara [USA-EN]

Media Mentions 2014

  1. Viva Favela – December 15, 2014: Site alternativo dá visibilidade no exterior by Juliana Portella [Brazil-PT]
  2. GloboNews – December 11, 2014: Canadense vítima do ‘Boa Noite Cinderela’ segue em busca [Brazil-PT]
  3. International Journalists’ Network – December 10, 2014: What news organizations IJNet readers turned to in 2014 by Ashley Nguyen [USA-EN]
  4. The Miami Herald – December 8, 2014: Sporting events leave Rio’s favela residents terrified by Vinod Sreeharsha [USA-EN]
  5. Fala Roça – November 7, 2014: Blog estrangeiro traduz reportagem do Fala Roça [Brazil-PT]
  6. Maré de Notícias – November 1, 2014: Os Riscos de Título de Propriedade by Theresa Williamson [Brazil-PT]
  7. Ramapo Register – November 6, 2014: Founder of RioOnWatch Visits Ramapo to Discuss Hyperlocal Journalism [USA-EN]
  8. The Rio Times  October 28, 2014: Community Members Fight Closure of Museu da Maré by Chesney Hearst [Brazil-EN]
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  10. Favela247 – October 23, 2014: Frequentador Pede que Museu da Maré Permaneça by Andrea Cangialosi [Brazil-PT]
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  13. Favela247  October 15, 2014: Moradores de Curicica Protestam Contra Remoção by Ian Waldron [Brazil-PT]
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  31. – June 17, 2014: Favela residents resist money to relocate by George Johnson [Canada-EN]
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  33. The Nation – June 15, 2014: Dispatches from Brazil’s World Cup: ‘No One Lives Here Anymore’ by Dave Zirin [USA-EN]
  34. Al Jazeera – June 12, 2014: Favela-dwellers challenge Rio’s exotic tours by Elizabeth Gorman
  35. France TV  June 11, 2014: GRAND Soir 3 du mercredi 11 juin 2014 [42 min into program] by Patricia Loison [France-FR]
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