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Our monthly Rio News Digest compiles, in one place, the latest news and opinion on Rio’s favelas from our community news site RioOnWatch, as well as what broader news sources have to say on Rio’s current favela trends. It’s the best summary of English-language favela news compiled anywhere on the Web.

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Feb 10-Feb 16: Carnival 2018, War on Popular Culture, Pool Party Protest, Sexism, Politics & Funk

Jan 30-Feb 9: Carnival 2018, Favelas Respond to Violence, Communication Rights, Valuing Informality

Jan 13-29: Media Portrayal of Favelas, Community Voices on Police, Funk & Feminism, Utility Hikes

Jan 1-12: Culture & Housing Struggles, Trafficking+Corruption, Olympic Legacy, Public Education


Dec 16-29: Best/Worst International Reporting 2017, Facebook vs. Evictions, Favela Solutions, Drug Policy

Dec 9-15: Public Security, Stray Bullets, Sustainable Carnival, Fashion Stereotypes

Nov 25-Dec 8: Insurgent Cartography, Power of History, Right to Housing, Healthcare, Olympic Legacy

November: Special Issue–Black Awareness Month in Brazil

Nov 18-Nov 24: Powerhouse NGO in Alemão, Attack on Afro-Brazilian Faiths, Rolezinho at City Council

Nov 11-Nov 17: Citywide Evictions Protest, Black Awareness, Favela Journalism, Urban Indigenous

Nov 4-Nov 10: Jury Now In On Rio 2016 Transport Legacy, Sustainable Favelas, Africa x Rio Connections

Oct 28-Nov 3: Favela Eviction Victory, Madonna’s Visit, Favela Tourism, Role of Academics

Oct 21-27: Tactical Urbanism, Hip-hop and Craft Beer, Violence and Favela Tourism

Oct 14-20: Environmental Education, Community Media, Funk Under Attack

Oct 7-13: Sustainable Favela Network, Massive Evictions Protest, SOS Hate Crimes

Oct 1-6: Favelas Resist Evictions, Organize Solutions, Respond to Army Occupation & Mayor’s Plan

Sept 18-30: Rio’s Strategic Plan, Community Organizing, Army Occupation

Aug 22-Sept 17: Eviction Threats, Resisting ‘War,’ Race, Challenging Stigma

August: Special Issue–One Year Since the Games

June-July: A Year Since the Games, New Mayor, Eco Week, Land Titling, Black July, Police Violence

May: May Update from Rio | Favela News: Community Organizing, Police Violence, Sustainability

March-April: The Latest from Our Work in Rio | Favela News


December: Celebrating Sustainable Community Solutions from RioOnWatch

October-December: Human Rights Day is Today: Best of RioOnWatch

September: Paralympics | Elections | Olympic reflections | Violence

August: Rio’s Favelas During the Olympic Games

July: Vila Autódromo Win | Black Lives Matter | Post-Games Solutions

June: Olympic Cleansing | Creative Organizing | Informality as an Asset

May: Banality of Violence | Right to Housing | School Occupations

April: 100 Days To Go | Impeachment | Evictions | Memory

March: Women’s Day | Evictions | Community media

February: Olympics 6 Months to Go Special: Vila Autódromo

January: Vila Autódromo | Truth Commission | Police violence | Social media


DigestDecember: Int’l Reporting | Human Rights | Vila Autódromo

November: Black Awareness | Gender | Resistance & Celebration

OctoberSegregation | Raise Your Voice | Designed to Live Together

September: Police x Social Media | Stigma | Affordable Housing

August: One Year to Go to #Rio2016 | Best/Worst Media | Participation

July: Olympic Evictions | Good News in Housing & Organizing | Help Us

June: Lightning Evictions | Sustainability | Collective Leadership

May: Evictions & Demolitions | Police Violence | Slavery History

April: Pacification Tensions | Housing Crisis | Sustainability

March: Broken Olympic Promises | Sustainability & Tech | Women’s Day

February: Carnival | Police & protests | Community solutions

January: Slavery & the Port | Land compensation & tenure | Language


December: Year-End Update, Evictions, Resistance, Victories in Rio’s Favelas +++

November: Housing Crisis and Victories, Black Awareness Month in Rio’s Favelas +++

October: Elections, Inequality, Culture, Evictions in Rio’s Favelas +++

September: Escalating Violence, Evictions, Resistance & Success in Rio’s Favelas +++

August: Ferguson vs. Rio, Vila Autódromo update, Post-WC in Rio’s Favelas +++

July: World Cup Journalism Report Card, favela crackdowns & gondolas +++

June: World Cup journalism, mobilization and evictions in Rio’s favelas +++

May: *New Design!* Police, evictions, mega-event impacts in Rio’s favelas +++

April: Violence, gentrification, innovative architecture in Rio’s favelas +++

March: Demolitions, UPP clashes, gentrification, community responses in Rio’s favelas +++

February: Violence, eviction, Olympic legacy in Rio’s favelas +++

January: Eviction, gentrification, rolezinhos, landslide risk in Rio’s favelas +++


December: Landslides, gentrification, 2013 Worst Reporting on Rio’s favelas +++

November: Black awareness, growing resistance, NYT sees Rio’s favelas as ‘models’

ROW digest 2013October: Community organizing, human rights, and legal action in Rio’s favelas +++

September: Evictions victory, health, transport, and tenure in Rio’s favelas +++

August: Evictions victory, Grassroots Planning, Exigencies in Rio’s Favelas +++

July: Protests Intensify, Pope’s Visit, Police Violence in Rio’s Favelas +++

June: Protests take Brazil by storm, Community resistance, Police violence +++

May: Community Resistance, Public Security, Evictions in Rio’s favelas +++

April: Mobilization, evictions, business, participation in Rio’s favelas +++

March: Evictions, police occupation, community resistance in Rio’s favelas +++

February: Forced evictions intensify, favela economy & Internet access expand +++

January: Business, tourism & gentrification in the favela, all about the laje +++


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