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We would love for all our friends, collaborators and supporters to tweet about the #RioRaffle once a day from now through December 11th!

Anyone buying a ticket is asked where they heard about the contest, including what Twitter handle was used–if it’s yours, for every two tickets you recruit we’ll gift you a chance to win!

We encourage you to mix and match from the following sample tweets, videos, favela facts, hashtags and images.

Important: Every tweet should include the #RioRaffle hashtag and the short link to the main Raffle page:

Tip 1: Search for #RioRaffle on Twitter to borrow from or Retweet existing tweets!

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Sample tweets:

  1. My #TopRioSite is __________. What’s yours @______? Enter the 4 a free trip back! [ATTACH PHOTO of site if possible]

    >>To tweet immediately afterwards as a “reply”: Pls keep the chain going by tweeting the same but tagging other tweeters in your response – thank you!!

  2. 250k Brazilians threatened with eviction or evicted from homes due 2 megaevents. Help amplify voices
  3. Was the ‪#‎2014WorldCup‬ a success? 21 of 57 infrastructure projects were scrapped. Help keep tabs on #2016
  4. Since April, Complexo da Maré in Rio has been occupied by army in name of ‪#‎WorldCup‬. Help keep tabs on #2016
  5. Bc of the ‪#‎Olympics‬, 900 families will be evicted from their homes in Vila União de Curicica. Help report on it
  6. Gentrification pushes lower-income people out to the urban periphery in Rio. How do they feel? Help report on it
  7. Buying a #RioRaffle tickt 4 a cause I care about: increased visibility 4 favelas. Join me+win a trip for 2 to #Rio
  8. Support @CatComm to bring visibility to #favelas b4 #Rio2016 and win a trip for 2 to #Rio! [INSERT PHOTO]
  9. Just got my ticket to win a FREE trip for 2 to #Brazil while supporting Rio’s favelas! Get yours here: [INSERT PHOTO]
  10. Win a trip for 2 to #Rio and support community media in the #favelas. [INSERT PHOTO]
  11. AWESOME video on why you should enter to support #favelas + win a trip for 2 to #Rio
  12. 19k families evicted from Rio #favelas since 2009. Support favelas with a ticket + win trip for 2 to #Rio!
  13. Happy #TravelTuesday! If you want to #visitBrazil, enter @CatComm’s #RioRaffle for a chance to win a FREE trip for 2:


2014 Rio Raffle Video:

Testimonial from 2013 Rio Raffle winner:

Favela Facts:

  • Around 24% of #Rio’s population live in #favelas. The favelas are Rio’s affordable housing market.
  • There are over 1000 #favelas in #Rio.
  • #Rio’s oldest #favela Providência was founded in 1897.
  • 95% of #favela homes are built of brick, concrete, and reinforced steel.
  • 19k families evicted from Rio’s #favelas since 2009.
  • 37 of #Rio’s #favelas have been pacified since 2008.

Find more Favela Facts here:


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   Rocinha at night. Photo by Kay Fochtmann.