RioOnWatch Crowdfunding Campaign Announcement

We still have work to do and need your help more than ever. So we’re extending our crowdfunding campaign for the Rio Favela Olympics Media Package until September 18.

August 21, 2015–Today marks one year to the end of the 2016 Olympics, and the symbolic date we’d originally selected to end our crowdfunding campaign. Yet we still have a lot of outreach to do, and believe we can get much closer to–if not surpass–our full goal of $78,240, so we have decided to extend our campaign deadline until September 18, 2015, taking advantage of the maximum time Indiegogo allows.

The momentum has been growing in the last few days. If it continues we will be successful. Over the coming weeks we will continue reaching out to you more than usual, asking for your support, donations and help spreading the word in creative ways. We really appreciate your encouragement, patience and commitment!

If everyone who believes in the work of Catalytic Communities and RioOnWatch pitches in we will be successful. Even at just $7, the price of a fancy coffee. Please take a moment to support our work now.

Here’s a quick reminder about what’s at stake here:
  1. What we raise over these weeks determines what we do and how much we are able to support Rio’s favelas over the coming year.
  2. Funds will guarantee: RioOnWatch; Community Correspondents program; RioONWire; and RioOnWatchTV.
  3. We will not be running another fundraising campaign between now and the 2016 Olympic Games, so that we can focus exclusively on supporting Rio’s favelas.
  4. There will be no 2015 Rio Raffle. Instead, if we reach our goal with this campaign, one of this year’s collaborators–including supporters of this campaign, volunteer translators, writers, web designers, and more–will be selected at random to visit us in Rio with a friend next year.

If you haven’t yet supported this campaign, please take a moment to DONATE HERE.

 If you haven’t yet seen the campaign video WATCH NOW: