Solutions Databases

In addition to CatComm’s Community Solutions Database moved to @WiserEarth in 2009, we recommend you search the following regional and global databases for community solutions:

WiserEarth’s complete solutions listing.  Global.

Solutions to Water. Whether institutional, technical, legal, financial or communication-related, a solution is a successful answer to a problem and contributes to reaching one of the World Water Forum’s ambitious thematic and regional targets. Global.

HoneyBee feeds the National Innovation Foundation’s database of over 50,000 innovations scouted from over 400 districts in India.

Appropedia, a wiki for sharing knowledge around appropriate technology “to build rich, sustainable lives.” Global.

Global Innovation Commons, worldwide repository of innovations which, while possibly protected in one or more countries, have the ability to be used in the rest of the world due to patent expiration, abandonment, invalidity, or failure to file in–country protection.BackgroundGlobal.

StreetsWiki, a community-created, online encyclopedia for transportation, urban environmental, and public space issues. It’s a place for ordinary people, planners, and academics to write and read about our cities and how we can make them more livable. Global.

Global Links Initiative is a UK-based organization publishing stories from over 45 countries on its website and “supporting positive and creative action on social inclusion and citizen empowerment worldwide.” China, JapanGlobal.

Low-tech Magazine refuses to assume that every problem has a high-tech solution. A simple, sensible, but nevertheless controversial message; high-tech has become the idol of our society. Global.

Global Ideas Bank where anyone, anywhere can post ideas to solve the pressing challenges of our times.  Global.

Changemakers stories from Ashoka’s Changemakers, a community of action where we all collaborate on solutions. “Everyone a Changemaker.”  Global.

Development Marketplace search for World Bank-funded small-scale projects.  Global.

Development Practitioners Forum is building an inclusive practitioner community where development knowledge at your fingertips is a powerful driver of change and improved development performance.  Global.

InfoSpring is an online Q&A tool for development practitioners built by the Development Practitioners Forum. Focused on the development & environment sectors, they are now looking for health-related contributions:.  Global.

Good News Pakistan helps bring good news about Pakistan to the limelight. Pakistan. 

Stay Another Day’s database promotes “destination friendly” tourism by connecting travelers with organizations that are in some way helping to conserve local culture and heritage, support community projects benefiting local people or initiatives to lessen negative environmental impacts of tourism in the Mekong region of CambodiaLaos and Vietnam.

Network WorldWide Projects lists contact information for initiativies across the world.  Global.

The Web of Hope’s Sustainable Projects Resource summarizes sustainable projects.  UKSri LankaGlobal.

OpenAction where development professionals, international volunteers and indigenous stakeholders collaborate and share information on aid projects.  Global.

Every Action Counts is a UK initiative based in London, providing summaries of case studies from across the UK.

Ashoka’s fellows are “leading social entrepreneurs who…have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society.” Global.

Bioneer’s presenters are inspiring social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions, at the cutting edge of their fields. Global.

The Mega-Cities Project’s international municipal-scale solutions transfers. BrazilUSAGlobal.

Community Resource Exchange supports organizations across New York City.