Why Buy a #RioRaffle Ticket?

2014 Rio Raffle

Last year we achieved incredible things because of your support.

Thanks to our 2013 Rio Raffle, Catalytic Communities has continued to shape the international debate on favelas by disseminating community perspectives and strengthening the field for active community participation.

2014 Highlights:

• 300+ articles published this year on a new RioOnWatch portal with several noteworthy series and influential articles.
• World Cup Media Strategy engaged with reporters to facilitate and encourage accurate, constructive reporting on Rio’s favelas.
• CatComm has become a reference organization for international media and researchers looking for community perspectives on Rio de Janeiro.
• Favelas as a quality, affordable, flexible, sustainable and empowering housing model has entered the global debate.
• Social media reach grew from 35,000 in January 2013 to 236,000 this June (6-fold growth).

Next Up: Our Plans for 2015

2011 Community Journalism program field tripIn continuing to apply our 4-Prong Strategy of (1) Strategic training and networking favela activists with broad networks of support, (2) Broadly communicating the issues and values of the favela based on community perspectives, (3) Developing and proving the value of participatory planning methodologies; and (4) Advocating on behalf of inclusive, integrative and participatory policies; with your continued support in 2015 CatComm will:

  • Establish a network of community correspondents in all five major zones of Rio, writing and producing video further documenting this challenging period for the city, which will be syndicated for republication through local and global partners.
  • Grow RioOnWatchTV, our YouTube channel, with regular accompanying videos to RioOnWatch articles and investigative pieces.
  • Expand our strategic communications work on behalf of favelas, taking our destigmatizing message of favela qualities and sustainability to global audiences through mass-reach mainstream media channels.
  • More strategic workshops for communities about community organizing and participatory planning strategies, and ways to counter the negative effects of gentrification and evictions.
  • Conduct and publish cutting edge research on Brazilian housing law, affordable housing alternatives, Rio policing, favela perceptions, and media responsibility.

Should we reach only a fraction of this goal, one or each of these programs will be scaled down as a result. Though the Rio Raffle goal–$30,000–seems daunting, it is actually attainable within our network, with the help of all our friends and collaborators–you. Please take the time to grab an extra ticket and spread the word. Raffle Deadline: Midnight December 11, 2014.*

*The original December 10th deadline was extended by 24 hours to December 11th because of an attack on our host the night prior that left our website down for 7 hours.